Get the dollar value of your data.

Data is the new oil, but we're giving our data to Facebook without getting what it’s worth. So Tree of Wally - or TOW - is a social network that gives us the dollar value of our data.


How it works.

TOW gives us a daily income of Wallys for our data (like what’s on our profile). Wallys are a digital currency needed to scroll the TOW feed, resulting in an auto-payment to the creators whose content is on screen. We actively spend Wallys to reveal hidden text, images and deals from the people we follow. We all set the prices for our own hidden content.


A new way of doing business.

Businesses pay for ads on TOW as they would on Facebook, except TOW accepts Wallys for payment (not $). Businesses paid Facebook $80 billion for ads last year; $80 billion that would be paid to users to buy their Wallys if ads were on TOW.


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