Get the full value of your data.

Data is the new oil, but we're sharing data with internet platforms without getting its value in return. Tree of Wally - or TOW - makes it painless for businesses to give you the full value of your data.


How it works.

TOW creates a 2-in-1 social network and wallet mobile application. On this app, TOW distributes Wally currency, a new digital currency representing the value of human data, based on country factors and individual data permissions. Wallys are a medium of exchange to track content views on TOW’s social network. Features of the TOW monetary system lend themselves to favorable currency attributes, such as widespread distribution for financial inclusion and monetary policy tools to influence stable market-oriented pricing.


Financial leverage in your pocket.

Payments to place ads on the TOW social network are settled in Wallys. Therefore, as businesses allocate more budget towards ads on TOW, they will pay consumers more dollars to buy Wallys in the wallet segment of the app. As Wally demand increases from both businesses and individuals, everyone will need to pay more to buy Wallys from consumers and Wallys will gain acceptance in more places. The financial leverage that results from converging demand for Wally currency from multiple stakeholders yields economic benefits to global internet users as the supply and value of Wallys in circulation increase. 


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